Design Showcase


Our spring showcase takes place on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Friedhoff Hall, Green Center, Mines Campus

Open to the public 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Download Event Flyer

2019 Design Showcase Winners

1st Place:      F18-16: Bio-Itza Eco-Cottages

Meghan Anderson, Noah Au-Yeung, Lukas Erickson, Maggie Guinta, Rebecca Jewell, Spencer Schrandt, Blake Standley, Dorothy Walch

Advisor: Robin Steele

Sponsor: Michelle Roark / Mike Hormell


2nd Place:     F18-27: Accessible Welding Table

Brennan King, Wyatt Kinion, Joshua Lee, Weston Stong

Advisor: Kristy Csavina

Sponsor: Craig 

3rd Place:     F18-44: Tall Wood Building – Shake & Bake

Aleesha Busch, Katie Christy, Jack Martin-Linsley, Daniel McGettigan, Jared Phillips, Ian Turner

Advisor: Eric Bonnema

Sponsor: Shiling Pei, Colorado School of Mines

2019 Design Showcase Special Awards

Most Innovative Design:        F18-05: NASA Robotic Mining Competition

Team: Gavin Baird, Luke Bowersox, Benjamin Burckel, Jacob Drozdowicz, Frederico Rosendo, John Fuller, Carlita Gorham, Adam Marcinkowski, Colby Moxham, Lewis Setter, Zachary Trott, Olivia West

Advisor: David Dickson

Sponsor: NASA & Mines Space Resources

Most Professional Team:       F18-24: Prosthetic Arm Shooting Assistance

Team: Jonathan Heier, Johanna Henry, Chanise Hoffmann, Kassidy Knutson

Harrison Koh, Averie Mansfield

Advisor: Sue Anderson

Sponsor: Quality of Life Plus

Societal Impact/Human Systems Award:    F18-21: Water Purification and Conveyance System

Team: Davies Alongo, Denise Beltran, Rachel Chaggaris , John Clary, Griffin Mulvaney, Acacia Ortiz

Advisor: Mark Florida

Sponsor: Freshwater Project International

2019 Broader Impacts Essay Winners

1st Place:      Anne Coleman

Essay: Running Through Chinese Villages

2nd Place:    Sean Smith

Essay:  The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence Based Facial Recognition

3rd Place:   Wyatt Ellis

Essay: Toilet-to-Tap

2018 Design Showcase Winners

1st Place:      F17-31: Smart Home Monitoring System

Emily Nielsen, Garret DeCarlo, Siji Abraham, Nick Zdeb, Brian LaPorta, Zifan Wang, Karl Samuelsen

Advisor: Jeffrey Meurer

2nd Place:     F17-12: Recumbent Trike Loading Device

  Daniel DeCino, Brian Froechtenigt, Marc Hauser, Tim Kelvin, Harrison LaVenue, Cameron Maxey, Robert Schreibman

Advisor: Robin Bullock

Sponsor: Quality of Life Plus

3rd Place:     F17-30: Winglet for PC-12 Aircraft

Arthur Wolf Whitehead, Jacob Englehart, Jason Van Hare, John Fischer, Matej Cernosek, Spencer DeWitt, Sarah Person

Advisor: Robert Huehmer

Sponsor: Sierra Nevada Corporation

2018 Design Showcase Special Awards

Most Innovative Design:        F17-01: Downhole Tractor

Team: Trevor Antrim, Sean Bell, Christopher Campbell, Chris􀆟an Peterson, Frederico Rosendo, Trevor Thompson

Advisor: Tom Cilke

Sponsor: Dr. Will Fleckenstein

Most Professional Team:       F17-02: Laser Confocal Microscopy for 3D Printed Metal Parts 

Team: Brennen Burke, Keith Mody, Keaton Scheffler, Caleb Schelle, John Strang, Samuel Vaughn, Hannah Wright

Advisor: Dr. Aaron Stebner

Sponsor: ADAPT

Societal Impact/Human Systems Award:    F17-13d: More Comfortable Shorty Sockets

Team: George Hunsinger, Josh Glanzer, Abby Reuland, Adam Lain

Advisor: Dr. Joel Bach

Sponsor: Quality of Life Plus

2018 Broader Impacts Essay Winners

1st Place:      Sam DeAngelo

Essay: Smartphones and the Human Addiction

2nd Place:    Calvin Swanson

Essay:  Human Datafication and Algorithm-Based Society: An Unprecedented Threat to Democracy

3rd Place:    Barathwaj Murali

Essay: Broader Impacts: Individuality in Engineering

Formerly known as Trade Fair, the Capstone Design@MINES Showcase highlights undergraduate engineering education in the Civil, Mechanical, Environmental and Electrical Engineering programs. This semi-annual event offers students an opportunity to present the real-world, client-driven project work that they have completed over the course of their senior year.

Never attended the Design Showcase before? Check out the pictures from past events, download programs from prior years, and get information on parking. 

Mines Innovation Week

The Capstone Design@Mines Showcase is proud to be part of the 2019 Mines Innovation Week! Please join us for 7 days of exciting events highlighting talent and scholarship centered on innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. All events are free and open to the public, unless noted. We look forward to seeing you there!